Virtual Robothon Exhibition Event – July 10th, 2021

See this link for details

We have 8 event registrations!

Oran Collins  – Project name = Pass me the butter!

John Jennings  – Project name = SawppyRMV : A Robo-Magellan Variation of the Sawppy Rover

Bob Cook  – Project name = Snail’s Pace Rope Climbing

Jim Kindsvater  – Project name = STEREO JETBOT

Steve Kaehler  – Project name = Educating Kids with the Elegoo Smart Robot Car

Dan Royer   – Project name = Makelangelo Art robot

Carl Ott  – Project name = HoverSim

Donna Smith  – Project name = [Coming soon….]

Please Note – as of 6-10-2021, event registrations are now closed due to max capacity limits.

But we will have a 2nd round for this event coming this fall… So those entrants who missed this event can present then!!!!

Watch for updates to this page for the next special event or contest – coming soon!!!!!

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Robothon 2020

UPDATE: unfortunately due to the public health situation in King County due to COVID-19 this year’s Robothon event has been cancelled.