Thanks for attending and participating in the SRS special event: the Summer run of the Robo-Magellan contest on July 8, 2017!!

We had a great robot builder showing with many spectators, plus great weather!!!

See everyone again next year!!

The winners were as follows:

1st place – Team headed by Weston Turner with robot Bauxie

2nd place – Bob Cook with robot ODR

3rd place – Dave Mier with robot Autodave

4th place – Kendall York with robot ECO

5th place – Team headed by Tyler Folsom with robot Elcano#1

Thanks again everyone!!


Robothon 2017 will be on Saturday September 30th, 2017 at the Seattle Center Armory. It promises to be a really exciting day of robotic competition. Click here for more information about events, schedule, etc.

Robothon is open to the public, admission is free


Robothon is sponsored by the Seattle Robotics Society and hosts many exciting competitive robot events. Click the name of the event below to view the official rules.

Western Allied Robotics Combat Robots
SRS Pop Can Challenge
Line Following
Mini Sumo
SRS Robo-Magellan
Walking Robot Race

Important Note: due to space and time limitations the Line Maze event will NOT be held at this year’s Robothon. Apologies to those we know will be disappointed, but we hope to bring this event back in future years.

The schedule is not yet available, please check back often for updates.

Registered robots are listed on this page.

Please join us in thanking our sponsors.