2nd round: Robothon Exhibition-Fall 2021 Event

Welcome to the details page for the 3rd 2021 Virtual SRS event!!!

These SRS hosted virtual events are either a substitute for or run in addition to our traditional in-person Robothon events!!!

This SRS event is designed to be a “free-style” show-n-tell type showcase event. Presented in a completely safe virtual environment, from the comfort\safety of your own home\office\work-shop!!!

Ideal project categories are: any type of robot build, contest specific robot build OR a general robotics related project!!!!  But if your tech based project does not conveniently fit one of these areas – that’s fine – be creative with your tech skills and passions!!!!

Here are the details:

  • November 13th, 2021, starting at noon (Pacific time) – likely length of 3 to 4 hours.
  • The “venue” will be on Zoom
  • Pre-registration is required as a Presenter (see the form below)
    • You are required to provide a textual content or video summary of your project at time of registration.
      • You are asked to summarize what your project is about; beyond the title that you provide; to provide a summary description on what the project entails.
      • If using video, we suggest you do an upload to Youtube and provide the link to us.
      • Instead you can submit a textual content summary of your project.
  • Registration is on a 1st come, 1st serve basis!!
    • We will allow up to 6 Presenters for the live event.
    • If your registration is beyond the max of 6, you will be placed on the wait-list; to be priority candidates for next event registration.
    • In addition to 6 Presenters, we also want to secure 2 or 3 Backup Presenters; to cover in case of a main presenter emergency. If\when a main presenter drops-out, then you will be contacted to be placed in the live queue. The backup presenters will also be assigned in order of registration.
  • General information on this event – it is intended to be an informal, fun, relaxed knowledge exchange event opportunity to attend or present at. It is perfectly fine NOT to be perfect for your presentation – mistakes are fine.
  • You can join this event either as a presenter or spectator\attendee
  • Presenter preparation details:
    • Pick and prepare a project of your choosing
    • Pre-prepare your Registration Summary-of-project Content: textual content or video. This content needs to be included within your registration form.
    • Fill out the pre-registration form at bottom of this page
    • You will have 15 to minutes to present your project (live)
      • Your intro\bio
      • What your project is\about
      • Demo content\show-n-tell: Video (live or pre-recorded), Pictures, Slides
      • How it works \ the insides view
      • Challenges you overcame
      • What you learned\points you’d do differently next time\next steps
      • Q&A and feedback (from spectators)

We will have one Practice Session (ahead of the live event) for the Presenters. The practice session will also be on Zoom, using the same link as the actual event. This separate practice is used to:

  • To confirm your computer\device is compatible with Zoom.
  • To confirm you can connect with Zoom on your chosen device.
  • To confirm setup for your camera and mic (and any other tech needed specific for your presentation)
  • To practice features\tools usage when you present:
    • Screen sharing\un-share etc.
  • To practice your presentation – format and switch between you being presenter vrs the host.
  • This practice session will be scheduled via a choice of dates\times (to be announced soon for your choice)

There are multiple goals with this event:

  • Besides the “just fun” aspect, it is intended to be educational for all: the presenters as well as the audience – to share technology based education content!!!
  • It’s an opportunity for the presenters to hone their “presenting in a group” skills – an ever increasing job\employment skill needed in today’s COVID environment; to be able to demonstrate tech skills\present your bio details by using a virtual environment!!!

For a previous SRS virtual event reference, see the SRS YouTube Channel recording from our Robothon Exhibition event on July 10, 2021. Click here for recording

So get out there and use your creative tech juices to build\design a fun robotics related project to share on Nov. 13th!!!

Watch this page for updates as the event date nears!

Please register using the form below. You DON’T need to register if you will be an attendee only…..
You are only allowed to enter\present one project!!!!