Announcing Robothon 2018

Robothon 2018 will be held on Saturday October 6th at Seattle Center. Hope to see you there!

Want to volunteer? We definitely want your help! Sign up on this page.

Please register your robot for events on this page. You should receive confirmation of registration within 24 hours.

Pop Can Challenge

  1. PopBot 0.3 by Chas Ihler
  2. RoboKame by John Jennings
  3. Robox by Paul Jurczak
  4. PopGetter 0.1 by Mark Kenworthy
  5. AutoDave by Dave Mier


  1. Ferdy by Bob Cook
  2. AutoDave by Dave Mier

Line Following

  1. Lightning Bolt by Shaurya Jain
  2. Beeline by Willow Endicott

Mini Sumo

  1. Thin Man by Bob Cook

Walking Robot Race

  1. Scary 1.2 by John Jennings
  2. Stepping Wolf by Mike Hugh

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