Jan. 16, 2021 Virtual Mini-Sumo Contest Event


Teams event link    Click here to join the meeting

In January, the SRS will be hosting our first-ever Virtual Contest Event!!!

You can (virtually) compete-in and\or view-only the first-ever SRS virtual mini-sumo contest!!! All you need is a device running the Microsoft (MS) Teams application!!! Teams is available FREE for any computer or mobile device user. All you do is click the link for the event meeting (it will be posted on this site closer to the event date). If you are a regular Teams user (and have an account) – it is best to use the installed device application. If you don’t have an account, you can still view\participate in the contest within your web-browser of choice. MS encourages all users to create (or use your existing) an account and use the installed application.

The need for a virtual contest is due to the club limitations imposed by COVID-19.

The SRS is hosting this event as a replacement for the missed Robothon 2020 in-person event; that is normally held yearly at the Seattle Center in Seattle WA.

Since this is the 1st Virtual event, the SRS has decided to only do a single (popular) contest – the contest chosen is Mini-Sumo!!

This contest will be run EXACTLY as the traditional SRS physical\in-person contest, EXCEPT that only 1 person will be in the event room\location – this person will be the virtual event host AND the person actually running the contest and starting\stopping each contest bout – using YOUR ROBOT entries!!!!!!!

For the virtual Mini-Sumo contest, the event will use official SRS contest materials:

  • Robot qualification weigh-in scale and sizing cube.
  • An official stop-watch to confirm each bout does not go over-time (as specified in the rules)
  • SRS official mini-sumo rings – both the wood and metal rings. Per normal SRS physical event logistics, the metal ring will sit on-top of the wood ring throughout the contest
  • An official blank-copy of the double-elimination chart to capture real-time results of the contest. The chart used is based on the number of robot entries that qualify as legal (see the event rules).

The host of the event will be long time SRS member Donna Smith and the Event Room will be her own garage space!!!!

The Virtual Mini-Sumo Contest will be run and hosted by Donna using the MS Teams environment; via a Regular MS Teams Meeting – You will be able to watch and participate via the Join Link that Donna will provide on this website before the event day!!! This will be a live-stream virtual contest event using YOUR ROBOTS that will show Live Battles in Real-Time!!!

Event details —

  • Virtual contest day – January 16th, 2021 STARTING at 1pm Pacific Time. 
  • The contest will be live-streamed via MS Teams; a link to the meeting will be available on this page closer to the event date.
  • SRS member Donna Smith will host and run the robot event.
  • The virtual event location will be Donna’s own garage (a fully enclosed space).
  • Your robots will be safely stored in Donna’s garage once they are received and until they are returned to the builder.
  • Your robots will be received and stored by Donna (pick your choice below)
    • By drop-off at a safe location (designated date\time) for Donna’s receipt OR
    • By snail-mail to Donna – builder has all responsibility to pay for shipping (both ways) and to pack your robot safely for shipping to receipt.
    • You will receive Donna’s physical mail-to address when you respond via the registration below.
      • The mail-to physical address is in WA State, USA.
  • At conclusion of the event, Donna will return your robot to you – either via pickup location date\time or Donna will snail-mail the robot back to you.
  • Official Mini-Sumo rules are at This Link.
  • First WA Robotics Fieldhouse address (for robot drop-off and pickup ONLY): 21238 68th Avenue South, Kent WA 98032
    • The front of the building complex \ parking-lot area will be the location.
  • First WA Fieldhouse dates
    • Builder drop-off (to Donna) date\time – January 9th, 2021 from 2 to 3pm Pacific time.
    • Builder pickup (Donna release) date\time – January 23rd, 2021 from 2 to 3pm Pacific time.
  • By snail-mail option
    • When you register (below) and specify this option, Donna will provide you (in email) the mail-to physical address to ship your robot.
    • The very-last date for Donna to RECEIVE your robot via mail is January 13th, 2021.
    • You are encouraged to mail (and register) your robot as early as possible to avoid any mailing delays!!!

Builder rules to follow for this virtual event —

  • Regardless if you snail-mail or do physical drop-off of your robot, you need to
    • Provide typed-written instructions on how to operate (run, reset and stop) your robot; including any battery change information – this is required!! Please provide this on the form below OR on a separate document (in mailed box or hand-delivered) – for delivery to Donna.
    • Provide an extra set of batteries (advisable) – Donna won’t have extra batteries available for your robot!!
    • (if mailing) Pack your robot well in a box (Donna will mail your robot back in this box). You need to provide all shipping charges: include a return-receipt for Donna to use to re-box and mail it back to you!!!
    • Provide any materials for wheel cleaning between bouts: cleaning liquid and cloth (or other extras needed).

Agenda for “virtual game day” will be as follows —

  • Intro to game event including roll-call of all robot entries: robot name and builder.
    • Donna will be using official contest supplies and equipment.
    • Donna will showcase the arena and supplies…
  • Qualification of robots – robot weight will be done via an official scale, then announced. In addition, robot sizing will be done via the official sizing-cube, then announced. Your robot entry does need to meet qualification standards as stated in the rules!!
  • Execution of actual contest using appropriate double-elimination form – filled out real-time with live-action stats given.
  • Rumble match (reference rules for information).
  • Announce the winners (multiple places: 1st, 2nd etc.)
  • Close-out the game event with wrap-up.

Post-event logistics —

  • Your robot will be returned to you: either at the pickup date\time OR (if mailed) Donna will ship your robot back to you.
    • Donna will email you when she mails your box back to you.
  • Your official award certificate will be emailed to you.
  • Official results will be posted on this website.

GO build a New (or dust-off) those Mini-Sumo ROBOTS and register TODAY…….


Please register using the form below. You don’t need to register if you will be an attendee only…..
Fill-out one form entry for each contest robot you want to enter!!!!

For general questions, concerns you can reach Donna Smith at



Contact is encouraged if you need any special arrangements to participate in the event…..