June 8th Event Details

This page outlines details that both builders and spectators need to know for event day.

Venue Specifics

The event will be held both indoors at the First WA Fieldhouse and outdoors in the immediate area surrounding the Fieldhouse.

The Fieldhouse bathroom will be available to everyone in attendance.

The SRS staff will furnish tables and some chairs. These items will primarily be used for running various contests and for a pit area.

Electric power will be available via extension cords and power bars .

Wi-fi is available free to use it.\; access information will be available upon request on-site. The public access Wi-Fi is not reliable to use on your robot designs (grounds coverage area is limited) as-is; it’s range is not strong enough. If you wish to use Wi-Fi on your robot or your own device, you are encouraged to use your own hot spot instead or use the free public Wi-Fi with an extended range antenna on-board.

You (spectator or builder) should bring on-site:

– Food and drink, chairs, portable computers, robots, extra batteries and any special equipment you need.

– Parking – there is ample parking in the parking lot around the Fieldhouse.

You are responsible for your own property – not the SRS nor First WA.

Please pick-up after yourself; use trash cans and take with you what you brought to the site.

Contest Specifics

Build Challenge 1

  • Will be held inside the Fieldhouse
  • Will use the mini orange cones as corner markers, tape will not be used
  • Will be navigated in a counter clockwise rotation

Build Challenge 2

  • Will be held outdoors on either black-top or “mild” multi-terrain areas near the Fieldhouse
  • Will use the mini orange cones
  • Will have a 50′ distance between the start and end cone

Build Challenge 3

  • Will be held outdoors on the same course used for Build Challenge 2
  • One to five obstacles will be placed in and around the straight line path between the cones
  • At least one obstacle will prevent straight line navigation between the start and end cone

Mini Sumo

  • Will be held inside the Fieldhouse
  • For simplicity the Dohyo will be placed on the floor and slightly elevated
  • The metal Dohyo will be used on top of the wood Dohyo

Pop Can Challenge

  • Will be held indoors
  • Will use the standard arena setup