May 19th Special Contest Day

The SRS (Seattle Robotics Society) is hosting a special robotic contest day with an emphasis on all age groups getting acquainted with the SRS.


You can visit for some pre-event information on the club.


The purposes of this event are:

  • To promote the SRS as the go-to South-end Puget Sound technology learning and experimentation place to be for both kids and adults!
  • To provide a 2nd-day to Robothon using a south-end venue for robot learning and contests for all types of robotic enthusiasts!
  • To enable test-run of new or seldom run SRS contests with potential to add them to a coming year Robothon!
  • To allow another robot run opportunity to practice and prepare robot entries for next year Robothon!


Contests to be run on May 19th – (in general, any age-group can enter any of these contests)

  • 3kg Sumo – R/C and autonomous matches
  • Mini Sumo – autonomous match
  • Line Maze
  • Advanced Line Following
  • Line Following
  • Robo-Magellan –
    • Notes on outside course area at the Kent Fieldhouse
      • There is very little (if any) grass or surfaces other than black-top or concrete; since this venue is located in an industrial area of Kent. BUT there is plenty of usable outside course area to give your robot designs a good exercise test for sensors and cone detection. It is possible to setup and expect a robot to navigate around any point outside the Fieldhouse – the back of it as well as the parking lot that faces the street!!!
      • For SRS and Robothon robot entrants, the difference between the regular venue of the Seattle Center Mural Lawn and the Kent Fieldhouse is the lack of varied outdoor surfaces and changes in them like what the robot builder will encounter at the Seattle Center – otherwise, the Kent Fieldhouse is a great environment to test your Robo-Magellan design!!!!
  • Walking Robot Race
  • Micromouse
  • Pop-Can Challenge


Basic details on schedule and flow of the event:

  • Contests
    • All contests advertised – These will be offered as robots are available for contest runs!!
  • Special robot event = Lego Dive-In Box
    • Throughout the day, a special area for this event will be available. With work tables, one or more Lego software installed laptops and the huge box of Lego parts. Both kids and adults, come and visit this fun area and build a new robot creation on the fly!!!!  For more details, click HERE.
  • SRS informational table
    • Club and group information tables will be available throughout day
  • Robot pit areas and social areas
    • For all contests, multiple tables will be available for use in addition to any area to socialize on all things robotics!!


Rules and contest details found at:


Click here to volunteer: Volunteer Page


Click here to register your robots: Registration Page


Venue information:

May 19, 2018 from noon to 6pm at

FIRST Washington Fieldhouse – 21238 68th Ave South, Kent, WA


Food availability near venue:

Jimmy Johns is near the Fieldhouse and they deliver to this location!

A phone call to order is roughly $12.00 for a sandwich, chips and a drink.