Nov. 18th Special Contest Day

The SRS (Seattle Robotics Society) is hosting a special robotic contest day with an emphasis on all age groups getting acquainted with the SRS.


You can visit for some pre-event information on the club.


The purposes of this event are:

  • To promote the SRS as the go-to South-end Puget Sound technology learning and experimentation place to be for both kids and adults!
  • To provide a 2nd-day to Robothon using a sound-end venue for robot learning and contests for all types of robotic enthusiasts!
  • To enable test-run of new or seldom run SRS contests with potential to add them to a coming year Robothon!
  • To allow another robot run opportunity to practice and prepare robot entries for next year Robothon!
  • To introduce adults to the FIRSTWA FTC competition – in future there may be an adult contest constructed and hosted by the SRS!


Contests to be run on November 18th – (in general, any age-group can enter any of these contests; except FTC)

  • 3kg Sumo – R/C and autonomous matches
  • Mini Sumo – autonomous match
  • Line Maze
  • Advanced Line Following
  • Robo-Magellan – outside\weather permitting
  • Walking Robot Race
  • FTC Scrimmage – for kid entries only


Basic details on schedule and flow of the event:

  • Contests
    • Mini Sumo: noon to 1pm
    • Advance Line Following: 2pm to 3pm
    • FTC Scrimmage: noon to 5pm
    • Remaining contests advertised? – These will be offered as robots are available for contest runs!!
  • SRS and FIRSTWA informational tables
    • Club and group information tables will be available throughout day
  • Robot pit areas and social areas
    • For all contests, multiple tables will be available for use in addition to any area to socialize on all things robotics!!


Rules and contest details found at:


Click here to volunteer: Volunteer Page


Click here to register your robots: Registration Page


Venue information:

November 18, 2017 from noon to 6pm at

FIRST Washington Fieldhouse – 21238 68th Ave South, Kent, WA


Food availability near venue:

Jimmy Johns is near the Fieldhouse and they deliver to this location!

A phone call to order is roughly $12.00 for a sandwich, chips and a drink.