Robothon Exhibition

Watch First, then read below

Welcome to the details page for the 2nd 2021 Virtual SRS event!!!

These SRS hosted virtual events are either a substitute for or run in addition to our traditional in-person Robothon events!!!

This SRS event is designed to be a “free-style” show-n-tell type showcase event. Presented in a completely safe virtual environment, from the comfort\safety of your own home\office\work-shop!!!

Ideal project categories are: any type of robot build, contest specific robot build OR a general robotics related project!!!!  But if your tech based project does not conveniently fit one of these areas – that’s fine – be creative with your tech skills and passions!!!!

Here are the details:

  • July 10th, 2021, starting at noon (Pacific time)
  • The “venue” will be Microsoft Teams
  • Pre-registration is required as a Presenter (see the form below)
    • You are encouraged to provide a text or video summary of your project at time of registration.
    • If using video, the committee suggests you do an upload to your Youtube channel and provide the link to us.
  • Pre-registration deadline is June 30th, 2021 at midnight (Pacific time)
  • You can join this event either as a presenter or spectator
  • Presenter preparation details:
    • Pick and prepare a project of your choosing
    • Do pre-registration; form at bottom of this page
    • You will have 15 to 20 minutes to present your project
      • Your intro\bio
      • What your project is\about
      • Demo content\show-n-tell: Video (live or pre-recorded), Pictures, Slides
      • How it works \ the insides view
      • Challenges you overcame
      • What you learned\points you’d do differently next time\next steps
      • Q&A and feedback (from spectators)

We will also have a Practice Session (ahead of the live event) for the presenters:

  • To confirm your computer\device is compatible with MS Teams.
  • To confirm setup for your camera and mic (and any other tech needed specific for your presentation)
  • To practice features\tools usage when you present:
    • Screen sharing\un-share etc.
  • This practice session will be scheduled on an as-needed basis. It will be scheduled between the presenter and an SRS Committee member – it will also be held using Teams. When you register, indicate you would like a practice session along with your preferred days\times; see form below. Practice sessions will be available between June 26th to July 9th; as coordinated between you and the SRS Committee member. You will be contacted by email or phone to set the date\time.

There are multiple goals with this event:

  • Besides the “just fun” aspect, it is intended to be educational for all: the presenters as well as the audience – to share technology based education content!!!
  • It’s an opportunity for the presenters to hone their “presenting in a group” skills – an ever increasing job\employment skill needed in today’s COVID environment; to be able to demonstrate tech skills\present your bio details by using a virtual environment!!!

Still TBD items (watch this page for updates):

  • The MS Teams Join link
  • The anticipated duration\length of the event: this is based on the number of participants, entrants that we receive….

So get out there and use your creative tech juices to build\design a fun robotics related project to share on July 10th!!!

Here is a sample presentation of a candidate project:

Please register using the form below. You don’t need to register if you will be an attendee only…..
Fill-out one form entry for each project you want to enter!!!!